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Bodywork is something I've always been interesed in and had dabbled in occasionally over the years. In 2001 I began my official training in bodywork while still working at an ad agency in the city. I'd been in digital graphic arts for nearly 15 years (experiencing many of the debilitating body issues associated with computer work), and though I love graphic arts, with massage I knew I'd found something that would help me to rediscover a real life away from the computer and truly nourish my soul. I found that through bodywork I could connect with actual people and also reconnect with myself.

Once in school I was thrilled, but hardly surprised, to find that I really did love bodywork. To touch others with total trust, honesty, saftey and dare I say... love (in my belief, many of the necessary elements for healing) was, well, it was everything I was looking for and everything I was craving in my own life. Classes in Swedish, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Sports, Energy, Deep Tissue, Spa and Neuromuscular zipped along! In what seemed like no time at all it was the summer of 2002 and I was granted my certifcation in Advanced Massage Therapy from Western Institute of Science and Health in San Francisco. Not long after I left the ad agency and began my bodywork practive full-time.

Now, in each bodywork session I combing the many different modalities that I've learned, mindfully following the needs of each client, listening to what they have to say and what their body is saying. I believe I provide a space in which both my client and I can feel heard, trusted, safe, and cared for. Understanding, safety and comfort for both of us is paramount. Many of my clients have been coming to me since I first started my practice. It'd be great to welcome you as well.


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